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There are many options when it comes to printing, and that includes whether to print with laser or ink. But what’s really the difference between the two? Here, we will discuss the unique qualities of each and their relevance to your printing needs.

The main difference between a laser and inkjet printer is what they use – inkjet printers use ink while laser printers make use of toners. The relevance of this difference here is the effect of these materials. Ink is more suitable for low volume printing and is flexible, being good for both text printing and high-quality images. Laser printing actually costs less to print per page and can print faster than inkjet.

Generally, laser printers cost more than inkjet. Toners are also more expensive than ink cartridges. However, inkjet cartridges tend to dry easily when unused and are also prone to more replacements than laser printers. Thus, it is important to gauge how much you’ll be printing if you’re measuring long—term costs.

Inkjet printers are excellent in printing high-quality images. However, the ink has the tendency to smudge when wet. Thus, if the ink fails to dry quickly, the photo, in general, has the tendency to smudge, ruining the point of delivering a high-resolution photo. The amount of detail is also hardly distinguishable at a glance and can only be appreciated for larger printing jobs.

On the other hand, while its dot per inch level isn’t as high as inkjet printing, laser printers can still print high-quality images. Laser printing is also very precise.

On a general note, if you plan to regularly print high-quality photos and documents at home, then an inkjet printer would be good on its own, as you will be benefiting from a return from the ink since it won’t dry up. If you are willing to invest in a laser printer, however, the long-term costs will be lower and you will still be able to get the quality you expect.

While it may not seem to count at a glance whether you choose to print one way or another, the various traits of each printer can make an impact on the compatibility of the result with its purpose.

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