How To Spruce Up Your Walls With Wall Decals

A new trend in home improvement and decoration is rising in popularity. Wallpapers and paint have always been the go-to in decorating rooms, but wall decals are starting to become popular choices as well.

Wall decals, or wall stickers as some may call them, are vinyl stickers that can be affixed to smooth surfaces for informational or decoration purposes. They can come in a single color or more and maybe small or large enough to cover an entire wall. There are decals that can be affixed directly as is after peeled off from its backing, but there are also those that are cut out in different shapes and assembled to form a large picture. For example, ready-made decals of trees can be stuck by their branches and leaves.

Decals can be put on walls, floors, and even other fixtures. They are easy to apply and are relatively affordable to a paint job.

Some may worry that they could damage paint that is already on the walls. The trick to removing decals is to expose their heat to soften the adhesive material. Using a hair-dryer is a popular way to do this. It is also advised to apply decals at least 30 days after a new paint job to make sure that the paint is dry.

The materials used are also another factor. If decals are labeled as removable, repositionable, or temporary, then it is likely that the glue used is not as strong and will pose less chance of peeling off paint when removed.

There are many options when it comes to wall decals. They can be directly purchased from stores or can be printed. The internet offers many ideas when it comes to patterns and designs, but you can also consult someone and request a design of your own.

Whether you are a renter with limitations on home improvement or a homeowner who wants to redecorate, decals offer a lot of freedom in creativity and self-expression.

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