Bumper Stickers

People nowadays can’t seem to get anywhere without their cars. Which presents an opportunity for businesses out there to expand their marketing game into these vehicles. If you’re driving through heavy traffic, your eyes would probably wander outside just to fill in the boredom. Catchy bumper stickers would probably catch your attention and you’d read them, if not just to quell the boredom. This is how companies can reach potential customers. But most businesses don’t have the time to design and print these stickers, so this becomes a chance for other people to make a business out of it.

There are some simple things to note when designing and selling bumper stickers for a brand or company. Here are some tips.

Study your target audience. What kind of companies do you want to design your stickers for? Even if there’s no definite sale yet, studying the kinds of businesses you want to market to will help you determine the designs that will impress them.

Know your audience by taking inspiration from their logo, products, vision, core values, and how you think they want to be perceived by their clientele.

Make use of the opportunity. Is there an upcoming intercollegiate ballgame between rival universities? Or is there perhaps a town election coming up? Passionate supporters of an event or cause would like to present their support publicly, and bumper stickers are a good way to express it.

Make it eye-catching. Use vector graphics to ensure a clean image that can adapt to shrinking and expanding. Print with good quality so that clients will feel that paying for the amount you set is worth it. Most importantly, create a design that will grab people’s attention.

Take note of trends.  There are people whose preferences change with popular trends. Make a witty, funny, or epic line with an appealing font to attract customers.

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