5 Popular Home Decor Trends You Need to Know

Peel-and-stick decals, or vinyl stickers as some may know them, are printed images or patterns that can be transferred into surfaces for the purpose of decoration. They have been gaining in popularity as home décor items, with people posting attractive patterns on their walls, ceilings, and furniture online. Here are popular concepts that make use of decal stickers.

Pairing decals with gradient backgrounds. A nice layout of decal stickers on your wall is already attractive, but why not pair it with a gradient-colored wall? It adds another layer of dimension to your room. Just be careful – make it subtle with the colors. A good example would be a very light pink gradient for a bold decal of cherry blossoms, or a sea-themed decal over a gradient of light blue to imitate a sky.

Sticking decals on furniture. Whether you want to go crazy with patterns or just attach a simple quote on an end table, decals are an easy, affordable way to decorate furniture. The advantage is that they can be wiped or dusted clean just the same way as your furniture. They are also disposable – you can simply remove and redecorate when you grow tired of the current design.

Calligraphy and quotes. This style has been around for a while now, but it never seems to run out of popularity. Calligraphy has enhanced the typical quote into a standout statement in your lounge, living room, or bedroom.

Strategic placement. Arranging decals in a way that the pictures seem to interact with the surroundings increases depth in the room décor. Examples are birds and butterflies that seem to perch on countertops, decals of items that look like they’re placed on top of surfaces, and designs that match the theme of a specific room.

Statement ceilings. This is currently one of the trending home décor styles this year. Elaborate patterns and decorations are made on the ceiling just like a fifth wall. This design looks good on high ceilings in a small room. Save yourself the money from a new paint job and try using decals to customize your ceiling instead!

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