How To Decorate a Nursery with Wall Decals

You’re expecting a little bundle of joy, and you can’t wait to fill the nursery with beautiful things to welcome him/her into the world. But a new paint job can be quite costly, especially if you want to get someone to paint adorable designs in. Wallpaper can be tedious too. You might want something affordable and easy to redecorate. Why not try decals?

Decals are also commonly called Vinyl Stickers. They are patterns and images that can be simply removed from their backing and applied to a surface like a floor, wall, or ceiling.

There is a variety of decals available for sale in home improvement stores and the like. You can also download vector graphics from the internet or design them yourself. Afterward, you can simply head to a print shop that offers decal printing.

The Decal Stickers will be a fun way to introduce words to your baby. Decals are bright, colorful, and easy on the eyes. You can creatively stick pictures of animals, plants, or items to point to a baby as she grows older. The bright hues and designs will keep her attention longer as you describe her names, shapes, and colors.

Decals are also a good alternative to hanging frames and placing objects in the room. Heavy decorations could bring the risk of falling on your crib. Using decals eliminates that risk.

But what about the stickers themselves? Do they pose a risk to your little one? Manufacturers advise not to place stickers, especially small ones, near a child’s crib. They may peel off the sticker and risk a choking hazard. But choking hazards all pose. It is also advisable to air out the room and keep it from direct contact with the sun just to avoid the risk of chemical gases. But off-gas in vinyl is generally minimal, especially if the child doesn’t directly inhale or ingest the material. As long as you follow safety instructions and guide your little one, decals pose no danger to them.

Decal stickers allow a lot of space for the imagination both for you and your children. They serve as an excellent decorative tool and can be educational as well.

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