Top 3 Benefits of a Professional Label Printing

Product labels are beyond just telling the customer what you’re selling – they should market your brand, inform them about your products, and of course, persuade them to buy the product. Your label should be able to do all of these and more. If you have a really good product on your shelves and it’s not selling, then your label may not be doing its job properly. Here are some points to consider:

Content. This is, of course, one crucial point. It’s not merely a matter of design but information. Review your label if it contains all of the relevant information. Customers may hold suspicion or hesitation towards a product with missing details. They may feel that not enough care was made in creating the label, let alone the product. They may also think that the brand isn’t as established or professional as the rest. This has more impact for consumables such as food products and medicine.

Ensure that your label has the brand, company name, bar code, and contact details. For consumables, consumers expect to find the list of ingredients, expiry date, and nutritional facts.

Visibility. Is your label legible at a distance? Consumers might be liking your product, but they’re just walking past it because the label is too small to notice. Another point is the visibility of the actual product. If your packaging is opaque, it’s understandable that your label covers a big space of the product. But for items that boast the quality of the product using see-through containers, (e.g. wine, pickles, jam) it would be best to make your labels smaller to highlight the product itself.

Considering the form of the container is also important. Make sure you have measured the packaging with the shape taken into account to avoid messy bumps and creases.

Visuals. The font style and size should be noticeable at a distance. It should also be legible. For the background and images, use colors that pop out. The design of your label should be distinguishable from other brands. This way, it will convey that “I’m different!” and will also help consumers who have tried the product before finding it easier.

When choosing colors, make sure that they are in balance with each other. It’s better if the colors match the theme of your product. If you want it to be fun and quirky, use vibrant colors. If you’re selling classy items like high-quality clothes or liquor, opt for dark, subdued tones or delicate hues.

There are other ways to appeal to consumers – finishes and textures also play a role in increasing the appeal of your product. While it may consume more trouble than just slapping a label you cobbled together on an item, the result of a customer walking out of the store with your product in their bags will justify that effort.

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